Helical Pile Installation

The basic concept of installation can be described as manufactured steel foundations that are screwed into the ground to support structures. The installation procedure is based on the helix-shaped bearing plate attached to the central shaft. The helical pile which can consist of more than one helix-shaped bearing plate is installed by rotating or torqueing into the ground. The helix is generally attached to the tip, circular in plan and formed into a helix with a defined pitch. The load carrying capacity is derived through both end bearing on the helix plates and skin friction on the shaft. The lead section is the first section to enter the ground, it typically consist of multiple bearing plates. Extension sections are used to advance the lead sections deeper into the ground until the desired bearing stratum is reached. Extension sections are often comprised of a central shaft and couplings which generally consist of bolted male and female sleeves. The central shaft on the other hand is normally a solid square bar or a hollow tubular round section.



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